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The planet prefers sustainable businesses – it takes Hope to get there

Hope Organic is rooted in the belief that we can produce healthy, sustainable food pleasing your taste buds. All our food is primarily organic, and mostly supplied by Aarstiderne – balancing food 80% vegetables and 20% meat, we’re providing the foundation for a stable and sustainable food production.

When we rinse vegetables in our eateries, we use purfied water – rinsed from pesticides. If you prefer water with your food, it’s the very same pesticide-free water we serve in Hope Organic.

Every time you purchase a Hope Organic bowl you are contributing to the planting of trees. With your choice of healthy, delicious food, you help make the world a tiny bit greener.

We hope to see you really soon!

Our Eateries

In Aalborg you are never far away from an organic bowl. Come visit us at Aalborg Streetfood and let us change the world – one day at a time.

Open now! Larsbjørnsstræde 7, 1454 København